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Coming to the USA

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Coming to the USA
Adjusting to the USAIt all starts with a dream, an aspiration, a need to change your life, a leap of faith. A day or two after you have landed on US ground, reality strikes and things need to be done!

Here is a friendly guide.

Adjusting to the USA
Moving to a new country can be exciting, but it is also a time of major adjustments. Here are tips on dealing with "culture shock" and information about the culture in the United States.

Getting an Education in the USA
Here is information about our educational system, whether you have children who will be starting in a new school, or whether you are interested in taking classes yourself.

Banking in the USA
Learn about how our banking system works, including the different types of bank accounts, how ATM cards work, and information on interest rates and investments.

Getting Around: Transportation, Driving, Buying or Leasing a Car
Learn about our transportation system, and about driving in the United States. Here is information on how to get a driver's license, and tips on leasing or buying a new car.

Medical care in the USA
Healthcare in the United States is different from that in many countries. Here we discuss how to obtain healthcare, common types of insurance, and tips on staying healthy.

Insurance Services for Immigrants

Facts About Social Security
Learn why you need a social security card, information on how to get it, and how social security in the United States works.

How to File your Income Taxes
Learn why you need a social security card, information on how to get it, and how social security in the United States works.

Finding a Place to Live
Finding a place for you and/or your family to live can be a challenge. Here we discuss renting an apartment or a house and how it is done in the United States, important words to know, and information on finding and buying a house.

Having Fun in the USA: Food, Entertainment/ & Shopping
There are a lot of fun things to do in your new country, and here is a beginning guide to some of the leisure time activities available to you. Whether you want to visit a mall, go out to eat with friends, or visit a club, here is information that can help you.

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United States Immigration guides are available in hard copy format or as instant downloads (PDF files). There are over 100 different American immigration guides in English, Spanish and Chinese. American Immigration guides cover includes applications for U.S. Visas, Green Cards, Citizenship and Passport.

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They are extensively documented, researched, and come complete with everything you will need to apply.

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