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USCIS application procedures: Green Card Lottery (Diversity Lottery)

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USCIS application procedures: Green Card Lottery (Diversity Lottery)

Green Card Lottery (Diversity Lottery)

Another method for obtaining permanent residence is through the diversity, or visa lottery program, also known as the DV-1 program. Each year 55,000 visas are allocated on a random basis to persons who might not otherwise be eligible to obtain permanent residence in the United States. An alien shall be eligible to compete for consideration for visa issuance during a fiscal year only if he or she is a native of a low-admission foreign state, as determined by the Attorney General, with respect to the fiscal year in question; and if he or she has at least a high school education or its equivalent or, within the five years preceding the date of application for a visa, has two years of work experience in an occupation requiring at least two years training or experience.

The application process is held once a year. No more than one petition may be submitted by, or on behalf of, any alien for consideration during any single fiscal year. If two or more petitions for any single fiscal year are submitted by, or on behalf of, any alien, then all such petitions shall be void and the alien shall not be eligible for consideration for visa issuance during the fiscal year in question.

Any alien eligible for consideration shall file his or her petition with the Department of State according to the instructions in the application notice.

These instructions can be somewhat complicated and confusing. We provide you with detailed instructions on where and when to file the application, as it must be received by the State Department within a very specific time frame. We also provide complete instructions on the high school and prior employment requirements.

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