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USCIS application procedures: Tourist Visa (B-2)

Short stay in the USA

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USCIS application procedures: Tourist Visa (B-2)
Tourist Visa (B-2)

(Short stay in the USA)

This visa allows you to enter the US for six months or less to travel for pleasure or seek medical treatment.

Who Can Apply?

  • You are engaging only in visit/tourist-related or medical treatment activities.
  • You are planning to stay for a limited period of time in the United States.
  • You have sufficient financial resources to support your stay.
  • You have a residence outside the United States and will return to your home country after your stay in the United States.
  • You may stay up to six months. After six months, you may apply for an extension of stay, generally for another six months.
  • Note: If you are exempt as a citizen of a country under the Visa Waiver program, you may stay for up to 90 days without a visa.

How do I Apply?
  • In many countries you can apply on the spot at the United States Consulate or United States Embassy while in some other countries you will need to make an appointment.
  • You will go to the United States consulate/embassy of your home country abroad and fill out the optional forms of type "DS".
  • If you cannot support yourself while in the United States, you will prove to the INS that someone in the United States can provide support for you. This person may have to fill out a specific form (I-134) Affidavit of Support.
  • You will also submit a valid passport, photographs and other documents proving your intent to return to your home country.
  • You may be required to interview with the consulate.
  • If you are accompanied by relatives, a separate visa application will be needed to be completed by them as well.
  • If approved, you will receive your visa. If denied, you may have to provide additional evidence. If this is not the case, there is no formal appeals process for this type of visa.

What do I do Now?
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