5 Useful US Immigration Tips

If you wish to obtain US citizenship and entire rights of residency, make use of these U.S. immigration tips.

  1. Plan for renewal processes and delays in application: USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) is always behind schedule.  It can take about three years or more years to process certain applications. Ensure to check the expiry date of immigration visa or green card from time to time. If it gets expired and when you miss renewing, there are chances for the immigration authority to take action against you. They may deport or arrest you. They would take action even when you are waiting for new immigration visa or green card or applied for renewal.
  1. Consider starting citizenship in the United States: When you hold a green card and thinking to stay in the USA, it is important to approach a U.S. immigration lawyer and file for citizenship to check whether the laws accept your wish. Several people apply for U.S. Citizenship for about five years as per their green card or even three years. If you have a citizen partner or got a green card by marriage, it is possible to apply for citizenship. It helps in safeguarding you against some situations for deportation that can be avoided with the help of green card. By having citizenship, it helps your close relatives to have a safe and legal position in the USA.
  1. Eliminate summary removal: It is an authority of the border officials which they do not let youenter the United States. Summary removal can be avoided by managing yourself to prove border officers that you require an immigration visa. The border officers have the power not to let you inside the country if they feel that you may remain as a security risk. They would also decline when they think that you have lied to get the U.S. immigration visa. If you are a person who is experiencing such critical situations and require U.S. immigration help, it is recommended to get in touch with a leading immigration lawyer.
  1. Ensure to inform USCIS in cases of address changes: If you are an immigrant and changing your address, it is necessary to inform the USCIS about the address changes. It should be submitted within ten days from the time you have shifted or moved. It is also necessary to give a separate notification when you are accompanied by your family or children. It is best to check the USCIS’s official website and know about the address changes procedure. If you wish to gather the latest U.S. immigration news, it is best to check their official website.  When there is any pending of applications, ensure to send a notice in written form about your new address for each family member to the USCIS office. The application should be handed over to officials in a quick time when there are situations of address change.
  1. File several immigration visa petitions: When you apply for immigration visa or green card through the family member petition, it is recommended to check that any of your family members remain applicable to appeal for you.

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