The Land of the Free has brought to reality the dreams of many. It is why every year thousands of people from around the world apply to immigrate to the US. Fortunately, and not so, fortunately, the process is straightforward but is tedious. It requires a lot of paperwork and immaculate documents. Knowing beforehand the ins and outs of the US Visa process can save a lot of heartaches and needless legwork. It is why we started Rapid Immigration.

My partner, Vinit Shah, and I, Greg Kutner began the website after Shah faced an N number of problems to get his US Visa. The ordeal he went through was because:

  • Either there was no information on the procedure for application
  • Or the info given was inaccurate, and in the end, caused more troubles

It took us a lot of list making and following up with an official to get the application and paperwork in order. So, we decided to create a website where others don’t have to face the same problems. Through Rapid Immigration, we ensure that every person knows the about how to apply for US Visa and for which Visa to apply.