5 Useful US Immigration Tips

If you wish to obtain US citizenship and entire rights of residency, make use of these U.S. immigration tips. Plan for renewal processes and delays in application: USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) is always behind schedule.  It can take about three years or more years to process certain applications. Ensure to check the expiry […]

An Insight On Temporary Work Visas Required In US

Like most countries, any foreign person who wants to enter the US requires a visa. USA visa requirements state that for those looking for a permanent residence need an immigrant visa and for a temporary stay a non-immigrant visa. A work visa USA is required by anyone who wants to enter the country for temporary […]

A Detailed Lists Of Major US Visas

The type of visa needed by a person is dependent upon the reason they are travelling to the United States.  For example, a us tourist visa is granted to an applicant if they fulfill all the requirements under this category of visa. The U.S. embassy or consulate decides if an applicant is eligible for the […]

US immigration Facts

Immigrants are an essential element in keeping the American economy strong, from fast food businesses to high-tech industry, they are filling an intrinsic need in the labor force. From programmers in Silicon Alley to restaurant bus boys in Bethesda, MD and nurses in New York, immigrants are filling jobs that otherwise might go begging.” (Business […]