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What is the U.S. Immigration DVD?

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Immigration DVD
immigration DVD
Created by Renowned Immigration Attorneys
Complete Overview of U.S. Immigration
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The U.S. Immigration DVD provides information on every single visa and Green Card, as well as the Green Card Lottery, Criminal Waivers, Marriages, Investor Visas, Fiancée Visas, visas for athletes and entertainers, visitor B1 and B2 Visas, H Visas, E visas, and more. Below you will find a sample video of the U.S. Immigration DVD.

What's Included
  • Introduction to the U.S. Immigration System
  • Non-Immigrant and Immigrant Visas
  • Adjustment of Status in the United States
  • Visitor Visas (including Tourist and Business Visas)
  • Work Visas (including H-1B, H-2B, etc.)
  • Lesser Known Visas (A, C, D, G, I, NATO, Q, R, S, T)
  • Employment Authorization [EAD]
  • Green Cards for Relatives, Investors and Employees
  • Illegal Entry, Deportation and Related Immigration Issues
  • Affidavits of Support
  • Special rules for Canadians and Mexicans
  • How to qualify for United States Citizenship
  • Overstays, Waivers for Health and Criminal issues

The U.S. Immigration DVD was created by renowned attorneys with over 20 years experience in immigration law. The U.S. Immigration DVD provides such a thorough and accurate overview of immigration law, that it is approved to serve as a method for continuing education for immigration attorneys in the states of California, Florida, and New York. This is the first DVD program that reveals the secrets of legal immigration law in easy language.

What is the U.S. Immigration DVD?
The U.S. Immigration DVD is a 4 ½ hour long, high quality, professional designed immigration video. It provides a comprehensive overview of the United States immigration system. It explains in detail the eligibility and application process for U.S. visas, permanent residence (green cards) applications, citizenship applications, and naturalization applications. It has soundtracks in both English and Spanish, and is available for $99.95, including free shipping!

Who developed the U.S. Immigration DVD?
The U.S. Immigration DVD was developed by international recognized attorneys with over 20 years of experience in U.S. immigration law. This DVD program is based on the thousands of questions they have received from their clients.

This immigration program provides a comprehensive guide to immigration law in a clear, easy to understand format. This immigration DVD is not only accurate and informative but is also entertaining and inspirational. The U.S. Immigration DVD will keep your interest and motivate you while explaining the answers to your immigration questions.
The same information that is available in this DVD would cost over $2000 if you consulted an immigration attorney. US Immigration Explained is approximately 4 ½ hours and also provides free forms and instructions for United States Citizenship and FOIA. This DVD is perfect for employers, students, relatives, investors, employees, and anyone else with questions regarding U.S. immigration law and procedures.

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Application Guides

United States Immigration guides are available in hard copy format or as instant downloads (PDF files). There are over 100 different American immigration guides in English, Spanish and Chinese. American Immigration guides cover includes applications for U.S. Visas, Green Cards, Citizenship and Passport.

What makes our United States Immigration guides so helpful?

They are extensively documented, researched, and come complete with everything you will need to apply.

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