How to get in touch with a professional U.S. Immigration Lawyer?

When you get assistance from a good U.S. immigration lawyer, there are chances to see a lot of improvements in your case. There are several genuine, honest and hardworking professionals who are interested to serve clients.  By approaching a bad immigration attorney, you have to face various consequences like payment of high fees, damage your immigration case in such a way it becomes hard to recover and failure of providing promised services.


Be it, you are thinking to apply for a green card or file a case for a visa, you should ensure to avoid deportation. It is also not recommended to apply for other immigration benefits. When you have a right lawyer always on your side, he/she would provide complete U.S. immigration tips from the start of your case.

Tips to avoid the following kinds of U.S. immigration practitioners

  • Do not approach lawyers who contact you at immigration or USCIS offices: Certain low volume and high volume attorneys gather in the hall of immigration offices in order to get business. As per the legal bar, this is not the right way to approach clients and it remains completely unethicalbehavior. Moreover, a good immigration attorney would remain busy working for clients and practicing immigration law. They will not have time to round up clients in the immigration office.
  • Ensure to deal with a genuine and real lawyer: Most people do a mistake of approaching a petition preparer, notario or a visa consultant for immigration matters. It is almost like asking your neighbor to perform heart surgery or a doctor to complete the tax forms. It is recommended to approach only the actual and practicing lawyer as they remain as a trustworthy person to handle the immigration matters.

Unluckily, several lawyers do not know the importance and real meaning of this region of law. They still claim to provide U.S. immigration help and service foreigners who require assistance in the immigration process. In reality, they would not remain much useful in your case handling. They would take the money and move away or fill the forms in dangerous and wrong ways. They would not even know what they are doing. They would not tell the meaning of each immigration forms and fill wrongly.

  • Know about the lawyer: It is possible to get complete information about the lawyer on the internet. There are several websites that post-U.S. immigration news along with the qualifications and achievements of the lawyer. It is necessary to check whether the lawyer you have shortlisted is a member of the state bar association. It is a mandatory requirement to shortlist. The lawyer should also be a member of AILA or American Immigration Lawyers’ Association. It is a professional company that majority of the top lawyers work and practice. You can check reviews on top websites and find out whether the attorney has written specialized articles for publication purposes. When you see a review about the lawyer who has disbarred, getting arrested, you can save your time by not attending for a personal meeting.

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