Important information about the United States Immigration Policies

About 34 million legalized immigrants settle in the U.S. Most people work and live in the country only after obtaining a green card or lawful permanent residence, while other people receive temporary visas that are subjected to workers and students. Moreover, about 1 million unapproved immigrants get temporary permission to work and live in the United States through Temporary Protected Status and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals programs.

In the last few years, the proposals have been transferred to the immigration system of the nation focusing on employment-based immigration and family reunion. The point-based system focuses on acceptance of immigrants with certain employment and educational qualifications. These immigration rules the USA have been renewed under Trump administration.

Family-based immigration

During 2016, about 804,793 people obtained family based U.S. legalized permanent residence. It is an important U.S. immigration policy that permits a person to obtain a green card when they have their child, spouse, parent or sibling residing with a green card or U.S. citizenship. A large number of immigrants from various countries wait for years to obtain the green card since green cards are issued only for 7% of the entire applicants.  Recently, Donald Trump who is the President of the United States has restricted family based U.S. citizenship or green card to only minor children and spouses. If the green card is required for other family members, a Senate Bill would be passed generating a limited amount of green cards based upon skills-based point scheme.

Some people referfamily-based immigration as the chain immigration. It is the most common way to obtain US immigration citizenship or green card in recent years. It has been found that above 1 million people receive the green card on annual basis.

Employment-based citizenship

During 2016, about 137, 893 employment based citizenship or green cards have been given to foreign workers along with their families. In the latest U.S. immigration process, green card is eliminated for immigrant investors. It means it is not permitted for people who invest money into the U.S. businesses which can benefit the economy or create jobs. Some lawmakers have criticized this way for obtaininggreen card under the EB-5 program.

H-1B visas

During 2016, 180,057 highly talented foreign workers obtained H-1B visas. It is the major temporary employment visa scheme in the nation. It has been found that almost 24% or about quarter of H-1B visas that have been issued are based on an employment basis. Moreover, about 1.4 million immigrants have received H-1B visas between the financial year 2007 and 2016. The Trump administration has restricted the sum of visa-holding years for the foreign workers with H-1B visas. The Congress has been taking a lot of efforts to extend the H1-B visa scheme.

Temporary permissions

Only a small number of unapproved immigrants has come to the United States under rare situations and obtained temporary legal authorization to live in the country.  An important feature of this kind of immigrants is though they obtain permission to reside in the United States, most people do not know how to get permanent residence.

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